Joe Bob Briggs Fanzine #2

Joe Bob Briggs Fanzine #2

Every Joe Bob fan knows that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is his all-time favorite film! So, we put together a juicy, special edition, deep dive into TCM to honor his first time hosting it on TV. You'll find lots of Joe Bob quotes and quips, as well as tons of insider information and fan art. Nothing will ever top Joe Bob's insanely huge article about TCM (which he will send to you if you email him), but we like to think this issue is a close second.
52 pages of Texas Chainsaw Massacre facts, articles, photos, fan art, and more.
Lots of Joe Bob Briggs transcription from the night he hosted TCM on Shudder!
And some extra Joe Bob goodness for your eyeballs, including an exclusive photo of Joe Bob!
If you’re a Joe Bob fan, you’ll LOVE it!
If you’re a TCM fan, you NEED it!
Full color, cardstock cover. Black and white innards on 28lb lustrous paper.

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