We are currently accepting submissions for the first issue of HORRORWORKS.
Publication date for Issue 1 - December 2021.
HORRORWORKS will be published quarterly in December, March, June, and September.

HORRORWORKS covers everything in the world of horror, from films to books to zines to podcasts, artwork and music, and everything in between. 

What we want:

  1. Thoughtful, well-written articles.
  2. Interviews with writers, actors, directors, artists, zinesters, musicians, and more.
  3. Honest-but-kind reviews of horror films and documentaries (both indie and mainstream, but indie preferred), TV shows, zines and magazines, horror literature, artwork, etc.
  4. High-resolution artwork.
  5. Short horror fiction.
  6. Horror-related fan fiction.
  7. Biographical profiles. 
  8. Columns and serial pieces are welcome. Please pitch ideas to the editor. 
  9. Comedic editorial pieces.
  10. Comics relating to horror. They can be funny or satirical as long as they have roots in horror.

SOME NOTES ABOUT OUR PREFERRED STYLE: Humor is always welcome! Only one space between sentences, please. And italicize book, film, and TV show titles in your pieces. Lastly, please send only tight, well-written, ready-to-publish work. 

COMPENSATION: Currently, we can offer a free quarter-page ad to contributors and a complimentary copy of the issue in which you a featured. (Please bear in mind that we are a tiny publishing house and, as we grow, so will our compensation rates. We value what you do and hope to be able to compensate our contributors more generously in the near future.)

Please mail submissions to